East Sussex Farmers' Benevolent Fund

The Benevolent Fund was started in 1935 by a local farmer and its purpose is to support and help farmers and their dependents and those involved in the wider land-based industries and their dependents. Beneficiaries are normally resident either in East Sussex or in neighbouring counties. Income from property and investment legacies help to finance the fund along with generous donations.

The fund is overseen by five trustees all of whom are either local farmers or have a lifetime experience in the agricultural industries. Many individuals and families have been helped over the last 85 years. This assistance can take a variety of forms including one-off grants, business support, longer term support in the form of cash or equipment which might be needed as a result of accidents or illness or care situations. The fund can also assist those entering land-based education and has contributed to those in need of finance for relevant CPD in the land-based industries in order for them to further their careers.

The fund has also helped by directing those in need to larger organisations such as RABI and FCN. If you find yourself with a difficult problem and feel that we can help or you are aware of another person who might be experiencing difficulties we will be pleased to support.

Please contact The Honorary Secretary of the Benevolent Fund: Des Lambert on (07912) 464746 or (01273) 890841.

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